ICBM Submission Requirements:

Please send all submissions to submissions@icbuildingmaterials.com  or to Jtaylor@icbuildingmaterials.com

1)     All submissions must have:

  1. Acord 125 – Commercial Insurance Application and appropriate Acord apps by line of business
  2. Acord 126 for Commercial General Liability Coverage quote
  3. Acord 140 for Commercial Property Coverage quote- COPE INFORMATION MUST BE PROVIDED FOR EACH LOCATION
  4. Acord 127 for Commercial Auto Coverage quote- PLUS LIST OF DRIVERS AND COMPLETE AUTO SCHEDULE
  5. Acord 131 for Commercial Umbrella Coverage quote
  6. Acord 130 for Workers’ Compensation Coverage quote- PLUS EXPERIENCE MOD WORKSHEET

2)      All risks must have a completed ICBM Supplemental Application (download here)

ICBM New Business Supplement

Truss Manufacturing Supplemental

Wooden Pallet Manufacturers

3)      4 years Hard Copy Loss Runs

4)      Pictures of the risk. Pictures tell us a story about a risk and can greatly help in our underwriting. The more pictures, the better. Pi ctures we would like to see to evaluate the risk include:

  1. Roof
  2. Exterior of Buildings
  3. Interior of Buildings
  4. Parking and Building Grounds
  5. Work Stations, Spray Booths and Manufacturing Equipment or Machines
  6. Fire Suppression or Sprinkler Systems, including Riser and Gauges