The Insurance Center for Building Materials (ICBM) is a Managing General Agency located in Los Angeles, CA.  The company was started by Jamie Taylor, Managing Director, on the premise that the building materials and wood niche of the market is under served by the insurance industry.  The carriers that provide coverage nowadays aren’t experts- they’re processors.  They don’t understand the risks they write or they don’t know their insureds.  We believe that there is no substitute for experienced underwriting, quality service and excellent loss control.  This is the foundation of ICBM.

We have put together an All Star Team of Underwriters who truly understand your business, its operations and your products and services.  Our underwriters have over 75 years of combined underwriting experience and believe that we should be a partner in protecting your company, your lifeblood, because we have been protecting companies like yours for a long time.

ICBM currently writes in the following states:



photo Jamie Taylor, Managing Director

Mr. Taylor brings 25 years of insurance and reinsurance underwriting, sales and service to lead ICBM. His previous work history includes experience with USFG's Reinsurance Company (F&G Re), AIG, Employers Re, and Indiana Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company. He grew up in this business and learned it from many of the great leaders of our industry, one of whom happened to be his father, who taught him many great lessons- the best 3 being:

  • No matter how automated this industry becomes, it ALWAYS will be about relationships.
  • Return every phone call and every email every day - this is service. Service is paramount to success.
  • If it takes you more than a 20 minute phone call to explain something vital to your client, go out and explain in person.





photo Bill Osborne, ICBM Chief Underwriter

Bill has been underwriting risks in the Building Materials and Forest Products Industry for over 25 years with Indiana Lumbermens Mutual and previously USF&G.  Most recently, Bill helped transition the ILM underwriting department into the ILM/PLM merged platform.  Bill’s knowledge and expertise in the building materials and wood underwriting arena, combined with his technical underwriting prowess and leadership, makes him the perfect Chief Underwriter for ICBM.  Bill previously oversaw ILM’s underwriting operations, worked with Senior Management to set underwriting policy and procedure, established rating and loss cost multipliers, and also was in charge of reinsurance audit for ILM. 

Mr. Taylor says of Bill Osborne, “Bill is an amazing underwriter…a person who truly understands our niche and the exposures associated with building materials and wood operations, and he understands the short term risks as well as the long tail casualty aspects of what we do.  Bill is a very personable guy, and our brokers and retailers have always enjoyed working with him.  All of the underwriters at ILM looked up to Bill and we are excited to have him as our Chief Underwriter. I have known Bill for a long time and there is no one I would rather have at my side than him.”


photo Paul Utrecht, Head of Western Region Underwriting

Paul has over 20 years of underwriting under his belt, with past underwriting roles at Cincinnati Insurance Company, Liberty Ram, CNA, and for the last six years, at Indiana Lumbermens Mutual. Paul brings incredible expertise and market knowledge to our Western Region, as he has underwritten the business in-house and produced it as a Field Production Underwriter. Paul knows the risks we want to write and is known for his flexibility, his dedication to his brokers and retailers, and his extensive product knowledge of package business, commercial auto and workers compensation.

Mr. Taylor says of Paul Utrecht, "Paul is one of my favorite guys in this business because he recognizes the strengths of a risk immediately and can work with any broker to solve a problem or mitigate an exposure. He's friendly, sharp and street smart. He is a dedicated insurance professional who works hard 24 hours a day to get something right. Paul is a great person work with and I am really excited to have him on our ICBM team."

photo Rick Zorman, CIC, AU, Senior Underwriter

Rick comes to ICBM with 27 years of experience underwriting lumber and building materials risks, and is recognized across the industry as one of the foremost authorities in lumber. Rick spent 19 years with Lumbermen's Underwriting Alliance (LUA) and 8 years with Indiana Lumbermen's and Pennsylvania Lumbermen's Mutual. Prior to his insurance work, Rick worked in the construction industry and puts his knowledge of his trade into his underwriting. While at ILM/PLM, Rick was a key underwriter in the SPP division and worked on complex lumber risks and heavy manufacturing risks. Rick is a consummate professional, with expertise in lumber, attention to detail and dedication to his brokers and insureds. Rick has the experience and knowledge to write lumber and building materials risks anywhere in the country and in almost any class of business.

Mr. Taylor says of Rick Zorman, "We are really lucky to have Rick on board with us. There are very few lumber underwriters with his level of expertise anywhere in the country. Rick is a strong, knowledgeable underwriter with experience in heavy manufacturing and mill operations. What makes Rick stand out though is his excellent service, thorough underwriting and ability to help the broker solve a problem effectively. We could not be more excited to have him on our ICBM underwriting team."


ICBM believes in Expertise, Service and Loss Control.  

We believe we should have to earn your business every day and earn your trust over time.  

We know building materials, wood and secondary forest products better than anyone out there.  

Give us a call and find out how we can help your business.